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To get excited for season two of Dickinson on Apple TV+, we sat down with stars Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Hunt, and Finn Jones for a hilarious round of “Who’s Most Likely To.”

The arrival of the second season of the Apple TV+ series sees Emily Dickinson follow the road to fame. Watch below:

Watch a first look on the new season of Dickinson

Dickinson, the Hailee Steinfeld-fronted half-hour comedy, has been picked up for a third season by Apple.

This comes ahead of the launch of its second season, with the first three episodes of Season 2 will launch in January 8 followed by new episodes weekly.

Watch a first look at Season 2 below:

After receiving the greenlight earlier November, production on the second season of Dickinson has begun, with showrunner/creator Alena Smith taking to Twitter to announce the news with a photo of the cast assembled, including new addition Finn Jones (Iron Fist).

COLLIDER – Filming on Season 2 of the Apple TV+ series Dickinson, which stars Hailee Steinfeld as a young Emily Dickinson, has been underway for a while now with details being kept mostly under wraps. But today is a “mark your calendars,” momentuous kind of day because we learned something new: Iron Fist alum Finn Jones is joining the Dickinson gang.

That’s right: Jones is moving on from the Netflix/Marvel TV series (which shuttered in 2018) and has boarded Dickinson. He was included in a cast photo taken by Dickinson showrunner Alena Smith and posted to her Twitter account on Wednesday. The photo also included series leads Steinfeld, Ella HuntAnna Baryshnikov, and Adrian Enscoe. If you look closely, you’ll see Jones off to the right side of the photo, casually hanging out next to Steinfeld. As far as I can tell, this is the first time we’ve seen Jones associated with Dickinson in any way. As such, it’s tough to tell what character he’ll be playing and how that character will figure into Season 2.

Dickinson was one of five Apple TV+ shows to score an early Season 2 renewal ahead of the Season 1 premiere. The first season of Dickinson introduced us to a fictional and fun take on Dickinson’s young adult years as she navigated familial expectations to settle down and become someone’s wife with her own passionate ambitions to become a published poet. Season 1 ended with Emily choosing to commit herself to her writing while she watched her best friend (and occasional hook-up buddy), Sue (Hunt), marry her older brother Austin (Enscoe), leaving a particularly large hole in Emily’s life.

From here, anything is possible and that’s what makes the addition of Jones so exciting. Will he be a new love interest for Emily or Lavinia (Baryshnikov), Emily’s younger sister who’s no stranger to scooping up a new beau wherever she turns? Is he a friend of Austin’s, entering the picture and shaking things up? Will he play some famous 19th century figure, just as John Mulaney played Henry David Thoreau and Zosia Mamet played Louisa May Alcott in Season 1? I need answers ASAP!

Dickinson Season 1 is available to watch only on Apple TV+.